Welcome to Boot Camp Leicester

Do you want to be the fittest, strongest, fastest and leanest you have ever been?

Do you want to:

  • Reduce your Body Fat & Get Leaner
  • Enjoy getting Fitter without getting Bored or Giving Up
  • Improve your Strength and Endurance
  • Increase your Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Feel more Confident and Energetic
  • Increase your Muscle Tone
  • Be Motivated & have Fun working with Others

Imagine this:

  • Guaranteed loss of inches and body fat
  • A Slimmer, toned, leaner, healthier body
  • You get Rid of that Stubborn Body Fat
  • You have Flatter, Firmer Stomach Muscles
  • You have Bags of Energy
  • You Look & Feel Amazing
  • You can Move Faster, you’re Lighter and more Agile

Boot Camp

Well imagine no more!

Sign up now and become part of a team of like-minded recruits committed to getting fitter, feeling great, having fun and living a fitter, healthier life.

Why is Bootcamp Leicester so good for you...

You are part of the Team - you are not alone. Every session you’ll work alongside your fellow campers and together with yours, theirs and our encouragement and non-stop motivation you’ll be unstoppable!

We make every session varied and challenging so you’ll never get bored!

Regardless of your fitness level or ability we all train together and are not split into separate groups, we all get fitter and stronger as a team.

To Register your place on the next boot camp you need to be quick.

We limit spaces so everyone gets 100% from us.
So enrol today or risk losing out!


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